Monday, September 26, 2011

Denver Snuffer - A Comment I Would Make if I Could

Restored post, with comments included
Monday, September 26, 2011

No one can comment on Denver Snuffer's blog now (it got pretty crazy, so I can't blame him), but I wanted to say my piece.

Recently, there was a post by DS that said his wife surfs the net on occasion to see what people are saying about him. I got three hits that were search engine results with his name in them, so I thought I'd comment, since one of them most likely was his wife
I agree 100% with DS that he is unimportant except as the messenger. The thing that is important is the message. But his name is connected to the message just as much as any other messenger from God (for example, Jeremiah).

Here is my reason for writing about him: It is my experience that there are many people who consider him to be apostate because he does not preach that the current leader of the church is infallible. My own experience with his books that I've read (as well as many things on his blog), is that many of those words are the words of God. I know this, because God (via the Spirit) has told me so, strongly.

There are two levels of speaking to my spirit that I have experienced. One is the kind most people talk about: Is it of God? Is it of me? Difficult to know for sure. The other kind is where there is no doubt. I can't explain it. You have to experience it to understand it. The second form of revelation is what I experienced with these books.

I perceive that the message is vital, but if people trash the messenger (or refuse to hear out of blindness, deafness, fear, "I've got enough", etc.), they won't hear the message. And I was told that the message is vital for us to hear, that otherwise good people will suffer greatly if they continue to refuse to hear the message because they don't approve of the messenger. Thus, when I speak of DS, I am trying to help remove the barriers in people's minds so that they will listen to the message. There are a lot of people I love and care about who say, in essence, "We have enough. If God wants to tell us more he will tell us through the president of the Church. God cannot and will not speak to an ordinary person, if He intends to warn us about anything." Yet, the message is not really "more" because everything in the message is in the scriptures. By the way, I thought the same way, until God told me differently.

I do talk to people about what I've learned, using my own words. Perhaps, I will one day be given all the words to say without referring people to the books DS has written, but I've not had the experience of viewing Gethsemane, et al. Reading what DS has written about it, not only brought me to my knees, it opened up my willingness to accept the Atonement to the point that I received a major spiritual healing of the most horrible thing that had happened to me when I was a child. More recently, I received a more complete healing of that experience. Be assured, the glory for this goes to God.

So, for better or worse, I expect DS will continue to be on the web. People will continue to wonder what this strange thing in the land is, "for a wild man is come among us." 
Edit: There was a comment with a link. I want to make it a clickable link, so I am putting it here. Lecture mentioned in link below It goes directly to the recording. 
New edit:
This link was on Brother Snuffer's blog. It is from the same meeting that was so kindly shared in comment #1. It goes to a webpage with a link to the talk on it.
Elijah talk

[Note from the restoration of this post: I did not keep the link when I deleted the post, but here is a link to Denver's link of it.]
Anonymous said... I know exactly where his dear wife has been reading it is the LDS Freedom Forum. There are a few people there who judge him extremely harshly and then there people there who are very appreciative of the things Denver Snuffer writes. I hope Brother Snuffer does not let a few contentious people influence him on which insights he is willing to share.

On a more uplifting note here is an mp3 file of a lecture Brother Snuffer did last night.
Keep in mind the first 10 minutes of the lecture is missing on this recording. If I find a better mp3 recording I will let you know and post it. October 15, 2011 8:27 AM 
L'Jn said... Thank you for the link.
Unfortunately, I don't know how to make links come alive in the comments section - so to anyone interested in following it, copy the link above, paste it into a new tab or window, and push enter.
October 16, 2011 5:59 PM 
L'Jn said... Anonymous, I've edited my original post to add a clickable link to the lecture.
I can't join LDSFF because they don't accept my personal email account (they don't accept yahoo, hotmail, etc. because of spam issues), but I have read through their posts many times. I have seen what you refer to. And I see the same dichotomy in other places. For example,
October 17, 2011 11:46 AM 
L'Jn said... The link with the first ten minutes missing has the clearer sound. I'd recommend listening to the first ten minutes of the one that has it all, then listening to the other one for the rest of the fireside.
Also, I went over to LDS FF to see what they were saying. The opening comment is right on. I have not seen such vigorous debate, though I have seen such close-mindedness among those who refuse to read the Book of Mormon yet claim to know everything about it.

The answer is simple, and was pointed out on FF again and again: Read it, then judge. Read it, ask God. Read it before you say all of these bad things about it. Don't read pieces of it, read the whole thing. October 23, 2011 11:46 PM

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