Thursday, October 20, 2011

Watching Movies

Did I mention that the ooonnnllyy way to watch Quest for Camelot is in French? Turn off the French subtitles, though. They don't match the spoken words and can drive you crazy if you have an idea of what both are saying. It's a confusing way to improve your French. When I watch this cartoon, I often pause after "I Stand Alone" is sung, go back and listen to it in English (okay, American) a time or two, then go back to the movie in French.

The last several times I have watched Lilo and Stitch (the original movie), I watched it in Swedish.

The key to watching movies in languages you do not know (or do not know well) is to watch the version in your native language until you nearly have it memorized. That way, you'll know what the characters are saying, even if you couldn't repeat it. I have no clue why I like to watch movies that I cannot understand (or, in the case of French, understand very little). It's just awesome - provided I've watched the movie enough times in my language to know what's going on.

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