Saturday, December 31, 2011

When it's Me and God*

I used to think when it was me and God, there were two of us. The two of us joined together can do anything.

I realized this morning that I was mistaken. When it is me and God, there are actually four of us working for my good and the good of those I may touch. The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost: Elohim, the Director, the architect; Jehovah, the Mover, the One who puts the plans into motion; The Holy Ghost (whose name I do not know – perhaps the name He will be known by is not here yet), the Testifier, the One who puts knowledge and understanding into our brains if we're willing.

It feels very good to know that there is a crowd of us working for my good, helping me overcome the obstacles and such in this life, helping me through the struggle to be a good person who helps those around me in some small way, helping me to find Jesus in this life – face to face.

*I know it is correct to put myself last. For effect, I wrote it the way I did.

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