Saturday, May 19, 2012


In reading this blog, I was moved to analyze colors. I love colors and I love nature, so it was a normal thing for me to do. I'm not sure if the author of this blog got his opinions from heaven or from his own thinking and study. Well, the idea that there are colors we can't see, in my opinion, probably came from his own experience. Some people who have had near death experiences also say there are colors we can't see here.

Blue is the color of the priesthood. Blue is the expanse of heaven, as we look up from the earth when it is sunny. As the blue above us covers and protects us, so the priesthood can cover and protect us. Priesthood is, so I understand, the power of God. Every time we look up and see the blue sky, we can be reminded of the power of God, and the power he gives to holy men, to repentant men.

Red is the color of judgment. Jesus will return wearing a red robe. He trod the wine press alone. Red wine. He went through the press, and it squeezed him until blood came from every pore. We are judged by how much of his press we accepted in our behalf. (Red) wine in the sacrament of the Lord's supper is to remind us of Jesus: His sacrifice and the final judgment. Water isn't really as powerful a metaphor as wine.

Gold. Heavenly royalty. Some sunsets and sunrises are awesome in their gold. They shine. Nothing one can hold in one's hand can be made as gloriously beautiful as a golden sunset or sunrise. Every time we see one, we can be reminded of heavenly royalty. We are reminded of something awesome that is impossible to hold in one's hand.

Green is the color of healing. Green is something that grows. It improves. It becomes stronger. It is beautiful to see green plants, especially if one lives in a desert. Green can remind us of the healing power of Jesus every time we look at it. And green is healing in and of itself. There is great emotional healing in being amongst plants. Plants were given to be used as healing. (See Ezekiel 47:12 and Alma 46:40)

I suppose yellow is covered under gold.

What about purple? It is a mixture of red and blue. Traditionally, it has been the color of royalty.

What about orange? A mixture of red and yellow. So if you put judgment and heavenly royalty together you get something pretty cool if you've taken the Holy Spirit for your guide during your life.

Black is an absence of light.

Green is yellow and blue. I wonder if that means anything? Yellow/gold is heavenly royalty. Blue is priesthood. Put them together and you get healing.

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  1. Just a thought I wanted to add. The atmosphere was created by God through His Word. The power of the priesthood (God) keeps us alive, breathing, protected. When we look up and see the canopy of atmosphere over us, we are literally seeing a canopy of protection. We are seeing the power of the priesthood protecting us and giving us life.