Monday, September 3, 2012

Search Terms

I was looking at my stats since it has been so long since I was on here. All I can say is, "Good grief! Some of the things that lead people to my site." The terms fall off on a regular basis, and as far as I know, I cannot get a list of all of the ones I've previously had. Anyway, here are the ones I found as I perused in the middle of the night hours.

denver snuffer
snuffer denver
denver snuffer blogspot (I hope they found his page; he's very profound.)

denver snuffer books (Try and do a search on that site.)

denver snuffer disfellowshipped (Not to my knowledge, but there's a post or two on his site that refers to rumors like that.) (Okay. I hope the first hit was his address, not mine.)

did adam from adam an eve have a beard? (Well, I don't know about "did adam from adam", but I'm pretty confident that Adam had a beard, but Eve did not.)

how did adam and eve brush their hair? (I have wondered this very thing. Since the scriptures don't mention it, we don't know unless we see it in a vision or dream from God.)

how did adam and eve wash their bodies and hair? (Water. I once took a bath in a slightly salty hot springs. It cleaned my body really, really well. It didn't do much for my hair, but I thought if I'd rinsed in non-salty water, it may have felt better. Also, there are plants that have saponin in them. Adam and Eve could have used them. Other than that, we're back to the answer of having a vision.)

jacob 5 second coming (I suppose I have talked about some of these words a time or two. It's a good chapter to study to get an overall view. I expect that, much like the rest of the Book of Mormon, there is a depth there that most of us common members and all of the scholars have never seen.)


  1. I never thought about Adam having a beard, but that makes sense! I had to read that search phase again and it made sense what that person was searching for, I do not think the were not wondering if Eve had a beard!

    What if Adam was like the Indians and did not have facial hair?

    Ok is there some special symbolic meaning to beards?

    I know in Isaiah 50:6 and 2 Nephi 7:6 it discribes Jesus giving his cheeks that his hair would be plucked off his face. The thing I noticed in those scriptures was that Jesus was in complete control what happen to him, and it was all done out of love so He could save us all. I never considered any other meaning, espeacially for the beard being plucked from his face.

    Beards! I can honestly say I have never put too much thought into facial hair. And here someone is searching to find out if Adam had a beard, I wonder what they were pondering about at the time?

  2. Thanks for the comment. I suppose Adam could have been sans facial hair. Considering how many races have it, though, I have a tendency to think that he did. I also have a tendency to think that he did not have the short hair we see in pictures.

  3. Just for fun, I was looking at my stats just now. I love to look at the "search keywords". Here are the ones for the last month (I'm supposing this means the last 28-30 days).

    denver snuffer 8
    denver snuffer excommunicated 2
    iohani wolfgramms vision 2
    And 1 for each of the following:
    conquering spiritual evil doug mendenhall
    denver snuffer blog
    denver snuffer blogspot
    denver snuffer crazy
    doug mendenhall conquering spiritual evil
    pullet egg carton

    I think Denver is getting a name for himself, even though he doesn't want one. My "all time stats" have him listed, in one way or the other, 157 times (this number is low, because when I deleted several posts, the stats that accompanied them were also deleted) - and I am actually, pretty much, an unknown blogger.