Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Version of the Lamanite King's Prayer

Oh, God, I will give up all the lies I believe, to know thee.


  1. I felt impressed to post this about a week ago, but resisted because of my decision to avoid posting for 40 days. Now that I have posted it, it can leave me alone.

  2. I have reached a point where I have seen how low we really are. We are lower than the worms (no offense to the worms). If we saw what we can be, once we have given up ALL of our lies, we would be shocked at the scum we presently are.

    Now, to see more clearly so I can rise above this low level.

  3. Practicing.

    Apostrophe - '

    Apostrophe as blogspot creates it when I post: '

    What will happen when I post this? One apostrophe? Two? One set of symbols? Two? Will smoke come out of the computer because blogspot cannot handle apostrophes?

    I am L'Jn, not L - ampersand, pound sign, 3, 9, semi-colon Jn

  4. Got it. The five figures tell Blogspot that I am writing an apostrophe, since they both showed one.

    So, why does it transform the apostrophe into fake swear words when I post a comment anywhere on blogspot posts?

    Oh, the things we spend our time on instead of on worthwhile doings.