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Dates and Numbers

I was thinking of this post I made on LDSFF a while ago. It may mean nothing at all - and rereading it, I see flawed logic - but I wanted to post it because I love playing with numbers.

Post written September 1, 2013:
Dates and Numbers
Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 4:51 pm
by A Random Phrase

During Sunday School today, my daughter and I were looking at dates and came up with some interesting patterns. If anyone has ideas to add, please feel free.

1820 – 1st vision
1823 – 1st Moroni visit
1827 – Got the gold plates
1830 – 1st publication of the Book of Mormon

Years between each: 3, 4, 3

Years between 1st vision and getting the gold plates – 7

Years between 1st vision and 1st publication – 10

1831 – Zion in Missouri was given in revelation (D&C 57)

1833 – They were kicked out of Missouri because of their wickedness (D&C 101)

1838 – They got another chance (D&C 124)

1844 – They turned over the prophets to murderers

1830-1844 – The time from the 1st publication of the BofM until the death of the prophets. There are two sevens (14 years) and they got two chances.

1973 – a prophet-to-be joined the church

2006 – The Second Comforter published – The beginning of the 3rd chance for the institution.

1973-2013 – Years the prophet was a member – 40

1844-2006 – 162 years. This is divisible by 3 four times, then times two – 3*3*3*3*2 or 3 to the power of 4 times 2.

2006-2013 – Years between the 1st book and the casting out of a prophet by the powers that answer to God for the people, and that speak to the people for God – 7

Let's look at some of those dates again:

2 years – 1831-1833 – Missouri Zion

7 years – 1831-1838 – Next chance at Zion

7 years – 2006-2013 – 1st book to casting out – last chance for Zion (gentle info)

2 years – 2011-2013 – PtHG to casting out – last chance for Zion (plain & painful info)

It's a chiasmus. 2 7 7 2 – 1831-1833 and 2011-2013 on the outside.

One more:
2011 – PtHG 1st published

2013 – The institutional Gentiles reject the message, thus ending the times of the Gentiles and beginning the times of the Remnant.

2012 is the mean of these two numbers.

2012 – The Mayan “end of an age” and the beginning of a new one.

It appears we are on the tail end of one age and the beginning of the next age.

One thought: If the days begin at sunset, when night is drawing nigh, do the years begin in the fall when the days begin to grow shorter?

So, how much time do we lay Gentiles have? 7 years if we listen and do? 3 years if we don't? Could we safely say that the destruction will begin in earnest in 2020? If prophets are killed before then, would the destruction/cleansing of "my house" begin within a few months to a couple of years? And the 2020 date would be the country?

Thoughts? Insights?

End of post.

Added thought: 40 years to the day after his baptism, DS began the Lord's lecture circuit. 10 years after his baptism, the following March, his ministry began. Does that mean the Lord is giving us 10 1/2 years to succeed or blow this opportunity?

March 2024?

The servant may mean nothing in and of himself, but the Lord seems to use them as signs (was it Isaiah whose marriage and sons were for signs? Was he the one who walked around naked to show the people what lifestyle they could expect if they did not repent?). It is the dates and numbers and "What is God doing?" that I am focusing on in this post, not any individual.

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