Sunday, April 12, 2015

An Altered Hymn - to the Tune of Hymn 180

One day, I'd like to take the altered hymns and the new hymns I've written (and will write), and make them into a book. It would be fun to write lyrics to ten or twenty more hymns and bind them, share them.

Father in heaven, I do believe
The promise you have made
To come into thy holy place
And there to see my Lord.

I now repent with broken heart
And come to thee, my God.
I turn to face thee, Oh my Lord,
And leave my lies behind.

My heart you broke, my soul is bent.
I come before you now.
Wanting nothing except your love,
I give my life to thee. 

Edit: I don't want two posts with the exact same song (I only changed one word, which change I made to the above version), so I am deleting the later post.

(All of the altered lyrics and new lyrics set to familiar hymns that I've posted thus far on this blog have been written by me.)

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