Friday, May 6, 2016

Doctrine of Christ Conference

 So, the restorationist movement had its first conference a year ago, April, in Colorado. There was a lot of mistrust and fear amongst people in regards to it (it turned out to be a very good conference). In spite of that, there have been several since then. Some have been small and private. Here is one that is coming up that is being widely advertised.

I doubt I will go as I don't have a way up there and I don't know what my financial or work situation will be at that time, but I wanted to spread the word.

A general conference for all people seeking to follow the Doctrine of Jesus Christ
September 10 - 11, 2016 — Boise, Idaho, USA

More info can be found at the site below:


  1. I was hoping that this was a group that truly seriously followed Christ's doctrines, and if they did I would have wanted to attend. But their intro about themselves on their site starts out with a scripture from the Book of Mormon, a book from an organization that in my opinion does not follow Christ and never has.

    Any true follower of Christ would only be quoting from the 4 Gospels in the New Testament, for that is what Christ commanded his followers to do. And as Christ taught, a true follower of his would not be supporting false prophets like Joseph Smith and all other LDS prophets, for they don't preach and practice his commandments.

    1. I was not going to answer you, because it is obvious your mind is made up - and replying to a mind closed to the Lord and His freedom to speak to whom and whenever He chooses is a futile thing to do.

      I do want to point out, though, that the LDS Church really does not have a franchise on the Book of Mormon (nor on the Holy Ghost). Sure, they hold a copyright to their current version of the Book of Mormon, but there are editions out there in the public domain. One can believe in the truth of the Book of Mormon without belonging (or believing in) any sect that claims spiritual lineage to Joseph Smith Jr.

      Read the book without your prejudices. Read it without fear that some sect/denomination or other is going to wrap its arms around you. Stop fearing the devil more than you fear God.

      This group is truly serious about following Christ's doctrines, but they do not ever suppose that they can command the Lord, that they can shut His mouth, that they can dictate to Him when and where and to whom He will speak. You, dear anonymous are treading in areas where only fools tread (demanding that the Lord stay within your narrow parameters and, beyond that, He must not, indeed cannot step).