Friday, September 6, 2019

I don't need to drink alcohol. All I need is coffee.

So, a while back, my health-conscious dd decided I should drink coffee for the health of my brain (she also tried to get me to take nicotine for health. That backfired big time. I coughed and hacked like I was dying when I tried an e-cig, and a partial nic patch gave me very serious diarrhea and vomiting).

I finally gave in, and realized that coffee put me to sleep if I was lacking sleep. It doesn't do that so much now, but it gives me the same weird brainlessness that drinking alcohol does. I guess it helps my memory (I mean memory and nerve health is why I started it, right?). In any case, I was reminded of that a few minutes ago as I started drinking some coffee I made this morning. Talk about a spacey feeling! I almost passed out.

And does too much caffeine wire me up so I run around like a maniac - or put me into a coma-like sleep? Nope. Neither. Instead, I have horrible feelings in my body and brain that I cannot describe, except to say it's like drinking too much wine only a LOT worse - and, like with nicotine, get diarrhea and vomiting.

Let's just say that my body is pretty sure that nicotine and caffeine are poisonous.

Musical Extravaganza for some guy named Dave

I have a friend who can be hilarious at times when his irony vein gets pricked.
Here's his latest. A jab at the awesome celebration that's going to happen in a few hours on the dime of the nonMormon (label courtesy of Russell Nelson) members. In other words, he's creating his own celebration. Unfortunately, the guest of honor refused to attend. 😄

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Freedom to Search for Truth

I totally love this quote. Surely, Russell Nelson was inspired by God when he said this, no matter what his heart's intent. I am looking at his words, only. I am taking them at face value. I printed two copies and am going to put them up where I see them every day.

"While searching for the truth, we must be free to change our mind—even to change our religion—in response to new information and inspiration… One’s religion is not imposed by others. It is not predetermined. It is a very personal and sacred choice, nestled at the very core of human dignity.”

Credit for finding this quote goes to renamed A Seeker for Truth (can't change the url, but you can change the title of your blog).

Friday, July 12, 2019

What is real?

What is real?
What is false?
What is eternally real?
What do I believe and why?
What is running the show in my mind?
What is running the show in my life?
Is God real?
Is God a she or a he or a they or an it?
If there's a council of the Gods, what does that even mean?

What stands in my way of doing what I think I want?
Am I afraid? If so, of what?
Am I convinced that I'm incompetent or lazy or [insert some other negative label]?

What really runs my life?
Is it my subconscious? If so, how can I control it? How can I tell it what I really want? Will it even listen to me?

How much am I controlled by what I was taught as a child by my culture, by my religion, by my schooling, by my life experiences?

I am like a fish that has no idea it is swimming in water. How can I be aware of that of which I am not aware? How can I even choose to be or think a certain way if I don't even know there's a choice there? If I don't even know there's another way of being? If I don't even know I'm acting or being a certain way?

I am questioning everything. Everything I believe. Everything I think I know. I am questioning my past religion. I am questioning my present religion. I am trying to break out of my paradigms so I can look at them and see if they are true. If there even is a "true" or "false" aspect to them. And to see if they are useful to me.

What helps me? What hinders me? If I am a burden on others, how can I stop being a burden?

Why am I so plugged in to those around me that their emotions dig into my mind and body like daggers? What if I don't want to feel like they do? What if I don't want to take responsibility for their feelings or actions? What if I'm not supposed to fix their feelings or actions or lives? What if I'm supposed to let go and let them feel and live and be their own person, even if they feel anger or frustration or some other painful emotion?

What the hell is life all about, anyway? (And I don't want a pat answer from religion (or Religion). I want the truth. Real truth. Not the skewed versions of truth that we humans think we have a corner on.)

On a deviating subject, I recommend reading Velikovsky's books. I read "Velikovsky Reconsidered". It gave me background on the opposition he encountered. I'm presently reading "Worlds in Collision" and intend to read "Earth in Upheaval" after that. I don't know if they can be gotten new. My copies are used, and several decades old.

Considering his theories without being angry that he's attacking your preconceived ideas or paradigms opens your eyes to the fact that even scientists don't necessarily know what the hell they're talking about. And I submit that pretty much all of us don't know what the hell we're talking about when we talk about things we "know" are true.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Scripture Changes - Updated

At the bottom of this post is the update.

In Joseph Smith's version of the Book of Mormon that I use, it says this:
. . . if the time should come that the voice of this people should cause iniquity . . . they would be ripe for destruction . . . . 

In the present Latter-day Saint (Mormon) version of the Book of Mormon, the same verse says this:
. . . if the time should come that the voice of this people should choose iniquity . . . they would be ripe for destruction . . . . 

It seems to me there is an important difference between causing iniquity and choosing it.

Choosing it, to me, implies that a choice is laid before you. Do you want this or this? Whereas causing implies, to me, creating it. "Hey, I've got this great idea! Let's punish the homeless and forbid begging." or "We really should enact more laws to take away people's choices. They're too stupid to know how to make their own decisions." or something else that the "voice of the people" came up with.

Update 12/2/2018 after 1:30 p.m.
The comments spurred me to do research when I had time to get on my computer, however, the two scriptures posted above (and linked) do say what I said they said (can be verified by clicking on the links). I double checked when I wrote the post, then checked again when comments said all of the editions of the Book of Mormon said "choose".

I searched an online 1830 Book of Mormon and discovered that it did, indeed, say "choose". This is the link to the book. You'll have to do your own search in it because it's a pdf, not a web page. Also, here is a link to a pdf of textual changes made to the Book of Mormon and the change I noticed is not in there. And here is a link to an 1840 copy of the Book of Mormon (left page, upper third of the page). It, also, says "choose". Now, I am thinking that the change was one of the few changes Denver Snuffer made (with permission or at the direction of the Lord, as I understand that the changes he did make were not his own desires). If the change was made by Denver at the Lord's direction, I still hold that the change is from God, and it definitely gives a clearer view of what the scriptures were trying to convey.

Useful links:
Scriptures Project - errors
Scriptures Project - Tracking Changes
(Posted March 2018) Scriptures Completed

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Mr. Russell Nelson made millions of Mormons ex-Mormons

Gotta write this one.

In a sweeping change, Mr. Nelson told Mormons that using that name was a major victory for Satan.

Nelson has raised the issue several times since August, most recently Sunday at the church’s twice-annual worldwide general conference, where he announced that using such shorthand “is a major victory for Satan,” the Salt Lake Tribune reported. Nelson also said that the word “Mormon” is insulting to Jesus.
Quote is from here

We have two signs in our window that explicitly say no soliciting and what it includes. On Sunday morning, my eldest daughter came home from work and handed me a folded, glossy paper that was stuck in our door.

The front said, "I'm a Mormon" with many faces on it. Inside, was a space to write a message. I don't recall if was on the inside or the back, but it was there. Inside, the sister missionaries assured me that God had a prophet today through whom he spoke, and they said many other things, ending with if I wanted to learn more to contact them, and added their phone number and names.

My first reaction was, "Can't they read?" referring to our signs.

My second reaction was one of delight. They had defied their own prophet who, a week before, had harangued in general conference that Mormon was a major victory for Satan. It was obvious that these sisters were serving Satan (as well as showing an inability to understand our signs), according to their most high and holy man who speaks for some god or other.

Mr Nelson, by his statement, has obviously also assured us that Mr. Monson and Mr. Hinckley were servants of Satan, contributing to Satan's cause by using the term Mormon (Meet the Mormons, I'm a Mormon campaign, speeches about how Mormon means More Good, and so forth). I'm sure there are other Mormon Church presidents that were also thrown under the bus by that statement.

Very important note: It really means nothing to say God wants to use TCOJCOLDS as the official name because:
  1. The church must have his name and must not be the name of a man (not sharing top billing with a group; in this case "latter-day saints"). In other words, if Mr. Nelson was honest (the Lord really spoke to him), he would be saying that the church must be called The Church of Jesus Christ, and he would be dissolving everything about the corporation that conflicts with the doctrine and teachings of Christ.
  2. It must be built upon the Lord's gospel (which means no opinion polling, no concern about "the good name of the church", no excommunicating people who "make the church/leaders look bad", no making men's words override Jesus' words nor the words of prophets who have actually looked into heaven and have been told by the Lord himself to preach, no having people stand when you enter a room, no collecting billions upon billions of dollars in cash and assets, cease preaching that the poor must give you money [tithing] etc.).
  3. The Father will show forth his works in it (which means no sermons on "do you have faith not to be healed," which means actually healing the sick, raising the dead, no poor among you, having the freedom to disagree with tenets, and no doubt a thousand things I have not thought about and/or do not know about).
  4. Legally, the name of the church is Corporation of The President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints not the thing Mr. Nelson is pushing and, legally (so I understand), there is only one member. [By the way, that link has a list of Doing Business As]

Church is now a 2-hour block on Sundays instead of 3. No doubt, opinion-polling was at the root of this, but if I were still a member, I promise you that this would be a major positive for me. This is a big, big thing.

P.S. I did not resign because of disturbing LDS Church history (I'd been exposed to that beginning when I was eleven years old), nor because I "wanted to sin." I left because I could not, before heaven, have my name connected with putrid policies that were satanically under the guise of "this is what Jesus wants. It is a form of compassion for the children and youth we are denying salvation to."

My path out was started by President Hinckley's general conference talk less than a month after 9/11 happened, and was continued by the Lord, himself. He still guides me. A few friends wondered if they were the cause of my "apostasy" and I assured them they were not. My "apostate" friends had no effect on me forty years ago. My "apostate" brother had no effect on me fifty years ago (except to make me look at Brigham Young in disgust). My more recent "apostate" friends had no effect on my belief in the corporate church. No, it was the corporation's own stepping away from Jesus' focus and teachings and Jesus, himself, waking me up to what his gospel really was and is.

Both Christianity and Mormondom (including the factions such as FLDS, etc.) have given the Lord a black eye, pretending they are doing his will when they are spiritually/physically/emotionally tormenting and/or killing people. Jesus never authorized torture and murder (certain claims of the Old Testament notwithstanding - and as far as Nephi and Laban, that's a whole blog post on it's own; one I probably made somewhere in time - and has nothing to do with a hierarchy claiming authority from God to torture and murder people who do not believe in the apostate teachings of perverted Christianity).

It is SO tempting to start writing here again.


I might write here if I feel so inclined, but I won't have "words of wisdom" like the most famous "remnant" "Denver Snuffer movement" bloggers. I follow my own path, the path I feel led by God to follow.

And, some days ago, I had an experience with the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ who adopted me through my repentance and baptism, that gave me a clearer view of his incredible mercy. Apparently, he is nowhere near as uptight as we are about "the right way" to do things. His mercy brought tears to my eyes. I never had supposed or conceived that he had that level of mercy.