Saturday, December 8, 2012

Law of Common Consent and City Creek Mall

This was just shared with me: city creek project
At the bottom is this disclaimer:

For all of you "Right Brainers" a little disclaimer: This website is clearly not associated with, owned by, promoted by or even appreciated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The City Creek Project however is all those things...
For questions, concerns, comments, lambasting, attacking, threatening, accusing or any other interactive communication send an email to

The petition mentioned: (I signed it a while back. It is simply asking that the leaders of the church disclose how money is spent; no one is asking to be in charge of how the general authorities spend the money.)

In the word cloud mentioned, "fashion" and "accessories" are the largest words.

I honestly don't know what can really be done. Just like with this country, our servants have turned into our masters, even though this is contrary to the D&C, which not only teaches about comment consent, but arranges for a way for the highest leadership to be ousted.

No, I am not "apostate". I go to church. I believe the leaders have a right to be there because of the law of common consent. I am completely convinced of the truths in the Book of Mormon.  I believe with all my heart that this church was set up by Jesus, but it is my personal opinion that He was looking for something that resembled Zion more than it resembled a New Testament church, and certainly more than what we have today.

Anyway, feel free to share these links on your own blogs or with others.

Actually, anyone is free to copy/share anything that I, personally, have written in this blog if they feel it uplifts them. I would just ask that you understand (and help others to understand) that everything I have written on here is my own opinion. It is not necessarily "gospel truth" or an opinion shared by God. I am fumbling through life like everyone else.

By the way, in regards to my "vision quest" - I am changing. I am learning. I hope and pray that I reach the end of it totally and completely changed so that Jesus/Jehovah can use me in His desire to build up Zion - the true Zion - not the commercial enterprise, and not the organization that "catches of every kind" but does not include (in 100% of its members) the purity that is necessary for one to live in a true Zion.

The true Zion is mighty and terrible. It does not run from governments. It does not have to be "protected" by leaders fudging about its beliefs. It moves mountains. It terrifies its enemies without (Zion) owning a single weapon. Earth, herself, fights the battles of Zion. Zion is incredible. If you search the scriptures to see what a true Zion is, you will know that we do not have it yet.

God bless - and I now return to my "vision quest".

My Version of the Lamanite King's Prayer

Oh, God, I will give up all the lies I believe, to know thee.