Tuesday, September 29, 2015

No Title

This is not going to be a spiritual post, so you might consider passing this one by.

Noises are so much louder than they were. In Spanish this morning, the teacher was talking and there was so much noise literally buzzing in my ears that I had to cover my ears. Soon the a/c stopped and I could tolerate the noise because all that was left was the teacher talking.

After class, I walked outside and down to the street so I could walk to the main part of campus. The traffic was almost deafening, even before I reached the street. I cut across campus as soon as I could to get away, but there was some type of machine (a/c unit?) next to a building that was just as difficult to deal with as the traffic noise had been. Then one of those leaf blowers someone was using to blow grass.

Even here, in the library, I hear every noise: someone dropping a book or backpack on a desk, talking, copy machine going, shoes pressing and squeaking on the carpet, various bumps and bounces in the audio part of life.

Then there's the comprehension. I feel like my mental self has not only been retarded (growth stopped), but has gone backwards. The Spanish teacher asked me a question. He asked me several times and finally said, "I'm asking how you are." I had no comprehension of it. I did reply accurately. It seems I've not lost the things I've memorized. I'm just having problems comprehending the spoken word. The teacher didn't ask me any more questions after that. He knows I had a concussion, so I am supposing he was being kind.

But I am frustrated. When I left the hospital, I was under the impression that I'd be okay after a couple of days. Then I find out (depending on how fast one heals and on how much one's brain was bounced around), it could take 7-10 days or even months to return to normal. I don't have that much time. I have classes. I have work-study. And I have them now.

God help me. He's doing something in my life, but I don't know what it is.