Saturday, October 31, 2015


November is upon us. Once again, I have chosen to be part of the NaNoWriMo frenzy. It begins at midnight, local time (whenever your midnight is that begins November). So I probably won't be posting much here this month.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

On Signs, True Messengers, and Such

 In a Google group, there is a discussion about footnote 307, on page 127 of Preserving the Restoration by Denver Snuffer. The footnote in question says: D&C 63:9-10; meaning God determines when a "sign" will be given. He determined an earthquake would accompany my talk in Ephraim, Utah, rain would fall while I spoke in the drought-afflicted communities of Las Vegas, Nevada, and St. George, Utah, and record rainfall and a flood would happen at the final venue in Phoenix as signs.

 I won't get into the different things people said. It is, after all, a private group. I wish to quote one of my replies, however. It seems to me that it is something I should post here. (The rest of this post is my reply.)

That makes sense [name]. Because of that, and because you met someone who said they used to be a Satanist, I can see your reluctance.

To me, like Daryl said, the signs (of flooding and earthquake) are signs that God is truly doing something here and has nothing to do with Denver any more than ink and paper can boast of itself if my mother should write a letter and send it to me.

My testimony of Denver as a true messenger of God (not as a perfect man whose every word I should hang onto, mind you) came from God.

When 9/11 happened in 2001, I expected the president of the Church (Hinckley) to warn us of our impending destruction. Not only did he not do that, his sermon about 9/11 and the invasion of an innocent country was very wishy washy and against the Book of Mormon (essentially going into their countries to seek out the gadiantans). After general conference, I begged God with all my being to send us someone to warn us. "Don't you love us?" I asked Him. "You sent prophets to warn people [in other countries and times] before THEY were destroyed. Why are you not warning us? Don't you love us?"

In 2010, God used a friend of mine (who is exceedingly imperfect, by the way. God can use anyone and we are not required to believe every word they utter, only that which the Spirit or the Lord directs) to bring Denver to my mind over and over again. I read the blog posts to be polite to my friend. Over time, I began to see what was going on (the comments had to be turned off, though, because I was being entertained by them and not heeding the messenger), which was that this man was essentially claiming to be a messenger from God.

I recognized the Lord's words. I knew who it was who was really speaking in many of those blog posts. I cannot explain my knowledge, except to say that it was a remembering.

And one day I was talking to God about DS, the words in the blog, etc. and God brought to my remembrance the prayer from 2001 (I had completely forgotten about it) and He told me, "This man is the answer to your prayers."

We are all on different paths, have had different experiences, have different fears and stumbling blocks. I don't know what it was that made me pray like I did, or recognize the voice of the Lord. All I know is that this man is a true messenger from my Father.

That does not mean the messenger is perfect. That does not mean I should take everything he says to be 100% right just because he said/wrote it. In fact, I unquestioningly accept only what my soul tells me is from God. The rest I leave to God to sort out. The signs fits in this category. To me, the earthquake and the flooding in Arizona were signs. I'm not sure about the little bit of rain in St. George and Las Vegas/Henderson.

It is not for me to condemn God because people I judge as "good" were harmed by "an act of God." Perhaps the trials they received as a result of the flooding was a loving God giving them a wake-up call. Perhaps those trials averted something worse because it changed their trajectory. I do not know the heart of God. I do not know why bad things happen. Maybe they aren't as bad as we think they are. Maybe God has a different perspective. Maybe His is higher, better, beyond our comprehension. For this reason, I think it is good that we are forbidden to take upon ourselves judgment and condemnation of other people.

Something bad happened to me when I was 3 1/2. For me, it changed my life for the worse. Many times, in my adult life, I begged God to know why it had happened. Finally, He told me that it was necessary that that thing had happened. Without it, I would have been "too good." I needed that experience to teach me anger, rage, and to descend into the hell of uncontrolled rage so that I could a) learn to overcome and b) so I could learn to understand those who acted and/or lived in anger and fear - from murderers to people who are living in a more mild anger on a regular basis (no, I have never killed anyone nor attempted to do so).

In saying this, I am not lifting myself above anyone. "Too good" was the meaning of God's words to me. In my own mind, I am not nor have I ever been "too good." In fact, I am wretched, faithless, and far to far from God. I am like the wicked Lamanites, only I have not yet been changed so that I permanently have no desire to do evil.