Thursday, April 4, 2024

What if . . .?

What if, when a baby is staring at her hands, she isn't trying to figure out what those things are? What if she's learning to focus on objects and is practicing on her hands?

What if we can improve our own vision by practicing how to focus - even if it looks weird or our brain screams that we can't see that thing clearly, even though we obviously can?

What if we can take that a step further and look at spiritual things with new eyes, learning how to focus clearly on what really matters?

What if we had a vision from God, very clear and loaded with meaning, but believed it was not a real vision from God because it was only a few seconds long, and neither angels nor God was in it, let alone them speaking words to us?

What if we are sorely in need of learning how to focus on all the messages and abundance God is giving directly to us, but we don't recognize it because our focus is off?