Thursday, June 8, 2017

Feed the Hungry

No kid should go hungry is a thread on reddit that needs to be shared. The info in it, anyway.

The opening post:
With the recent reiteration at GC stating that people need to pay their tithing before buying food for their family, etc. and knowing that while this is insane and stupid there are those TBMs that will follow this and there also are just people in need in general, this will hopefully help at least one or two kids this summer from going hungry:
. . . .  Community post for UT area! Copying from a friends wall: edited I was told this is for the US in general!
"If you are financially struggling and you need help feeding your children this summer, or if you know of some hungry children, please text "food" to 877877.

No paper work, no questions asked, just show up and all children under 18 eat free all summer.
It will ask you to enter a zip code or address and will respond back with the nearest locations (school, community center, library, park, etc.) where meals are available throughout the day. Even if you aren't in need, someone else's kids are. No child deserves to go hungry, ever!
Please copy, paste, post or share!"
I think it is sad that a multi-billion-dollar organization that can afford to pay cash to build a high-end mall with condos, and who can build a whole city in Florida without going into debt preaches to the poor to give them money. Especially damning is the doctrine to give this rich organization money even if it means your kids go hungry, your utilities get shut off, and you get ousted (made homeless) because you can't pay your mortgage. If this is the teachings of their god, then their god is the devil.