Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gathering to Zion

There seems to be a gathering of sorts going on. Some people are physically gathering, but the strongest gathering seems to be via the internet by those who are seriously searching for Christ. They seek His face. They desire the Second Comforter. They gather together via the internet to speak of Christ, to discuss the process, to use it as a springboard to go off into their own search for Christ.

I have come across several people (close to ten, by now) who have said they have seen Christ. These particular people, I have no reason to doubt. I have seen that Denver Snuffer is just an ordinary person. He really is just one of us. The lesson in God choosing him to share the way to the experience is incredible. If it can happen with him, it can happen with me. Denver is not above me. He is not below me. We are equals. We both have need of the Atonement.

The ultimate end that God has promised us is that no one will say to another, "Know ye the Lord," because everyone will know Him. There won't be any leaders telling us what is right and how we should live. There won't be any need because, like we were before we came to mortality, we will be then. We will have a personal relationship with deity. We will have no desire for sin. I live for that time. I work for that time. I pray for that time.