Wednesday, January 25, 2023

2012 - Mayan Calendar - End of the World

 So, I was thinking about this and thinking "we" were expecting a sudden group of cataclysms to end the population of the planet.

What if, instead, it marked the beginning of the end? What if, in 2012, the secret plans began in earnest? The things that would guarantee the destruction of the bulk of the people on this planet.

I'm talking about what we are seeing now, that has probably been in the works for a century or more.

  • Men being women.
  • Boys being girls.
  • And vice versa for both.
  • And hormone blockers for children (prevents children's hearts, lungs from maturing; causes osteoporosis, etc.)
  • Sex change operations instead of addressing the mental issues and the problems.
  • Telling gays and lesbians they aren't gay nor lesbian; they are actually the opposite sex.
  • Predatory men/boys allowed in locker rooms, bathrooms, and prisons where they have (proven) raped and harmed actual women/girls.
  • White people automatically racist because of the color of their skin (even if they are only 3 seconds old).
  • Black people automatically stupider than any other race ("math is racist" "getting a driver's license is racist" - never mind that there are plenty of black geniuses).
  • Teach children as young as preschool age about sex and sexual perversions.
  • Create a worldwide "pandemic" and force as many people as possible to take a series of dangerous jags which have killed and maimed a helluva lot more people than c0v1d ever could or did.
  • Get more and more people addicted to unreality; culminating in the MegaVerse, eating bugs, owning nothing and being happy, having zero freedom to choose pretty much anything, and so on.
  • MAiD (in Canada) - assisted suicide for pretty much any reason whatsoever.
  • More and more violence of all kinds.
  • More fires and earthquakes, from what I've seen.
  • Lots and lots of "divide and conquer" going on (I'm sure I've missed some, so this is the catch-all for everything I've missed listing).

What if 2012 was not the harbinger of instant destruction "right now"? What if it was merely ushering the new "year", but the harvest was not yet ripe any more than peaches or apricots or tomatoes are ripe in January if you live in northern lattitudes?

I would venture to say that we are incredibly close to being ripened in iniquity and that our only hope is repentance and turning to Christ.

In August 2017, God made the first stroke of an X that was to cross the USA off the map. (A total solar eclipse. And there were a lot of moon eclipses (search for lots of info on that*) on holy days between 2012 and now.) In April 2024, God is going to write the second and last stroke of the X across the USA. And don't think the rest of the world is going to be spared.

What if "at my house it will begin" means that it will begin in the USA, where God brought forth the Book of Mormon to teach us of our sins and what we needed to do to repent and avoid destruction? What if it is first because of the blessing and cursing on this land? Blessing (prosperity and an abundance of God's help) if you repent and turn to Christ. Cursing (being wiped off the face of the earth) if you become "ripened in iniquity".

Anyway, just some thoughts I've been having recently.


*Note: Here's an example from barerecord which, at this moment, is the last post posted: