Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Electric power in Zion

 I have wondered if Zion would be incredibly "3rd world country," or if it would have things like electricity, and hot and cold running water.

I'd heard before about the pyramids possibly being a source of energy from pre-Egyptian times, so was interested when I came across this video in a forum I go to. ("HeckleFish" is a bit irritating, but he shuts up a bit more as you go along.)

It talks about Tesla and how he tried to imitate the creation of the power he believed the pyramids created long ago. His funding got pulled when he told the uber-ultra-rich J.P. Morgan that he wanted to make power free for everyone. The video lists all the ways in which Morgan would have ceased to make money had he continued to fund this project. It also explains the theory of how the pyramids may have made electricity.

So, I am hoping that if there's a God-fearing person who has the mind and abilities to rediscover this and create it, who is reading this post, that they will-God willing-be able to create this thing that would enable people to have free electric power, perhaps anywhere on the planet.