Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On the Idea of Success

So what makes a person a success? I, personally, would like to be successful in my own eyes. To do that, I first need to define what success is to me. I would think one of the things would be to wear clothes that exude self-confidence, as well as a hairstyle and body language that say the same.

What clothing would shout "loser" to the world? Underwear on the outside, pants hanging down to the crotch, holes in the clothing, stains. To me, successful clothing would be automatically pleasing to the eye. If I'm successful, I don't think my clothing needs to shout out "individuality! Look at me!" because I would be secure in myself. I would follow modest clothing styles because that would reflect what I consider tasteful.

My thoughts, words, and actions would also need to reflect my perception of what success is. I would speak grammatically correct, a thing I have long gotten out of the habit of because most of those around me do not do it. Yet, my friends Jeremy and Eraina speak how I consider successful people to speak, so drawing on those memories would help. How they managed to use the words they use in light of the ill grammar that surrounds them is a wonder to me.

Slow to anger, controlling one's tongue, speaking plainly and without attack, not having a "chip on one's shoulder" - these are marks of someone I would highly respect, someone I would want to hang around, someone I would easily have a crush on because these are the behaviors of the immensely powerful and power is attracting. Perhaps that is one reason I have liked the idea of Superman throughout my life. Here was a man who was immensely powerful, yet was not a bully and was so profoundly self-controlled that no one had a clue who he really was.

As a real life example, Christ was the ultimate in self-control. Self control is powerful, attracting, addicting. I am speaking as one who is looking from the outside in, yet I really do believe that those with true self control are the most powerful people there are. I long to emulate that.

What about career? What careers shout "Success" to me? I think any career a person does that reflects their soul's desire. I, personally, would love to own or co-own a publishing/printing company. As part of that, I would like to be fluent in several languages besides my native language. I would also like to learn many, many different varieties of healing massage. To me, career success is not about how many people are in awe of you nor about how wealthy you are. Career success is about how well you love your work and how well it fulfills you and helps others. It seems to me that money should come as a part of that, plenty of money for your needs plus enough to help others if that is what you desire.

Socially adept instead of socially backwards, clean in body. Stench does not equal success to me, neither does having no idea how to adequately communicate with a variety of people.

I have felt as opposite of success as one can get - from the kind of man I attract to the kind of work I have managed to have. I am ready for change. I am ready for in-depth study and definite change. I am ready to succeed.

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