Sunday, July 31, 2011

On Blogging

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

So I look at other people's blogs and most of them follow a single theme: LDS raw food, Freedom, Being a Natural mother (like natural foods, babywearing - a term I despise - etc.). Me? I flitter around. One day, I may talk about religion. Another day, it's all about venting about something because I'm a parent. Another time, I may discuss my views on healing. Or I may take a break altogether.

At one time, I used to be considered good at writing. I was afraid of rejection, however, so I didn't pedal my writings/push my writings on anyone. Now, with blogs so easily available, I can write and feel relatively anonymous. I mean, few people are interested in this blog. I am most definitely an unknown factor.

Having read so many LDS blogs, I think I will just see if I can do this on a more regular basis, just a bit at least. I agree with some parts of some blogs. I am turned off by the arguments, and by the degeneration into polygamy discussions. Polygamy is just a tiny part of the gospel, and it is possible that it was never intended to be part of it; simply a test for Joseph Smith Jr and a few others. History is so convoluted, and we do not view things in at all the same way as people did 150 years ago. We have no real frame of reference in our souls on which to hang the words and opinions of those days.

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