Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do You Know Whether the Wether is Under the Weather Today?

On the internet I've come across some interesting spellings, that just happen to be real words. Okay, they are painful spellings.

"I don't know weather he did it or not." "The whether is nice today." "The wether is nice today." Of course that last sentence makes a bit of sense, but to say, "The wether is sunny today," might draw a blank stare from those who know that a wether is a castrated male sheep.

The worst (or best, depending on your point of view) examples are found in YouTube comments. Most of the comments are swear words and vulgar comments, with a great many painful (or creative, if it pleases you to look at it that way) spellings of words. YouTube seems to draw a great many people of low intelligence (I am not talking about ability to spell in this instance, I am talking about inability to hold a decent conversation, to think clearly, and to have basic good manners (politeness, tact, kindness). If this is an honest representation of the bulk of our society, heaven cannot help us. We are firmly on our way to self-destruction.

Thesaurus dot com draws an audience only slightly better. I could not believe it when I read comments on the posts Thesaurus/Dictionary dot com has. Could most of those people who commented even be intelligent enough to understand the article they were supposed to have just read? I won't demean the authors of the comments to bring you examples, but the articles were written to appeal to people who would understand the articles. Clearly, that does not happen upwards of eighty percent of the time.

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