Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random Thoughts About Rural Living

I have decided to keep my rooster for the time being. He eats too much for what he gives (nothing), but he might be useful later, if we get a big enough place to allow one of the hens to set.

The hens are still giving us an egg a day, each. We need to make french toast, pancakes, or pudding to use our eggs up (someone kindly gave us two dozen eggs, unasked). We have the joy of knowing that our chickens have room to run, and are being fed decent food.

My comfrey and mint are both dead. This place killed them, after they survived being moved from the northwest end of Arizona to the southeast end, not to mention the transplant for nearly a year.

My tomatoes and beans thrived, except for the minor detail of never giving me flowers. Well, they make good chicken food, at least.

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