Friday, October 14, 2011

Story Lite

I've been putting my notes for "L'Jn - the Novel" on Story Lite. It's a pretty cool program. Most word processing programs show you the main page. This one has a main page, plus several small ones. It looks like a desk top with cards scattered around on it. You can make the cards bigger or smaller. You can write as much as you want: a scroll bar appears if you write more than you can see. You can add more cards or take them away.

I'm sure it can be used for more than just writing stories. I use it only for notes for this project. It's great for notes.

I told Geoff (who, as I understand it, developed the program) that I would put a link to his page. You can download Story Lite there (upper right hand corner) and you can join his forum.

The forum has these forums/sub-forums:
Your use of Story Lite software:
Business and Professional
Education and Students
Hobby, Game, Sport, and Pastime

suggestions for new features:
General software features
New ideas and concepts

General discussion of Story software and website:
Compare or use with other software

Help and Support:
Get stuck or want workaround

The forum looks like it's pretty new, so let's go look at it. It's free to join. Right here.

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