Monday, March 26, 2012

Zion – How?

I had an incredible breakthrough this morning. God gave it to me and I am very grateful for it.

I often say affirmations in a meditative state. In one that I had written about a month ago, I had written that my cells “retain” certain traits (forgiveness, faith, etc.). It didn't feel right at the time I wrote it, but I could think of no other word that would fit. The image of a river came to mind, yet I didn't know how to incorporate that into the sentence.

Today, there was a complaint, again, about the use of the word “retain”. I said to whoever was complaining that I didn't have a word to replace it. Sad to say, I was a bit impatient and rude about it. Again, they suggested a flowing river. I didn't get it. Finally, they suggested I use the word “flow”. I did (for example, “my cells flow with forgiveness”) and got the image of (forgiveness) flowing like water through my cells gently and peacefully.

In other places, I had used the word “filled”. I changed them to “flow” as well.

Then I began to have a paradigm shift. This small, simple word-change opened my eyes to the flow of life. It's all a flow, from God's angle. “One eternal round” is a flow. Nothing is retained. God's love freely flows outward to all creation (as an example). Because of that, love continuously flows through Him, always and forever.

It is the devil who retains things, who teaches us to hold onto things.

Then I realized that the reason we give God the glory and the credit – even if we worked our tails off to accomplish whatever we have (physically, emotionally, or spiritually) – is because when we give HIM the credit and the glory, we release our hold on what we have. It is no longer ours, it is God's. Thus we cease holding on, and the flow begins to happen.

It isn't that God is greedy and wants credit for work we have done. It's that He understands the law. He knows that the best, quickest, easiest, and only way in this life to let go of everything is to give all glory and credit to Him.

If we gave it to ourselves, we would clutch it tighter, thus it would either slip out of our fingers or canker our souls. If we gave credit to another person, we would be putting ourselves beneath them. If they accepted the credit and glory, they would be putting themselves on a pedestal of pride and self-glory.

We do ourselves and others a favor by giving God the glory.

As we let go, we realize that all we own and have belong to God (at least that is what happened to me, as this incredible paradigm shift took place). Suddenly, giving away all of our possessions if God so wills it is no big deal. Losing all we have is not important either. If we need it in the future, God will give it to us because all of life is constantly flowing (except in areas where our fears or greed make it stick and putrefy).

I freely admit I'm not 100% on that level yet, but the paradigm shift has pushed me into that level of thought and being.

And I not only saw, but I understood, that when this paradigm change is complete in any person, when they can genuinely give or lose everything and honestly not care (because all really belongs to God anyway) then that person is ready for Zion. This is the Zion mindset we are presently lacking.

The flow of life. Nothing is “owned” by anyone. As it flows through each person, each person continually has all they need – like a river that is always full even though it is always emptying.


  1. What beautiful enlightenment. It is a truly liberating thought process you are sharing. Thank you for sharing I found it most uplifting.

  2. You are very welcome. I look forward to having this incorporated into my very being.

  3. After reading this and then letting it sink in a little the thought occurred that it is fear that causes us to hold on to things and love which flows and is ever filling will help us to let go. That is why it is so imperative to trust God. As we let in His love we will always be filled and want for nothing.

    I hope I am not simply restating what you have already said. :)

  4. That makes good sense.

    So, then, I would suppose that the choice is between love and fear.