Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Freedom to Choose

So, I've been thinking about freedom to choose. The adversary has hidden and covered up our freedom to choose, thus we are blind-sided by lies. Teachings of society, of government, of parents, of schools, of religion control us to varying degrees. Our own experiences and wounds teach us lies, put into us a lack of knowing how free to choose we really are.

For example, if I'm feeling negative about someone or something, I can choose to feel differently. If I choose to – Well, if I've been taught that some things just “are” -
like certain things (health-wise) cannot be healed
like childbirth has to hurt
like unassisted birth is dangerous (what did Eve do?)
like leaders are always right
like women should be subservient to men (or vice versa)
like life has to be painful
like we have a God-given mandate to condemn and reject those who sin differently than we do
like God is a harsh taskmaster
like we have to suffer because we can learn in no other way
like we understand the gospel better today than Joseph Smith did
like Joseph Smith lived polygamy but pretended not to
like we are humongously more intelligent than those who lived thousands of years ago
(and I could go on and on)
Well, if I believe all of that I just might not realize that all of those things are choices, not truths.

Who says I cannot humble my own self and learn God's ways without going through hell to learn and to become?
Who says that birth is inherently dangerous and painful?
Who says that I have to live the ways of Babylon, even while it surrounds me?
Who says I cannot be perfect in this life? Isn't the Atonement there to create perfection in us?

You can cite general authorities, medical authorities, scientific authorities, scriptures, and movie stars but that does not mean I have to believe you – or them. The only thing I should believe completely are the words spoken to me via the Holy Ghost. Even pure scripture can be misunderstood and misapplied.

We are supposed to be preparing to live in Zion, for heaven's sake! We should not be living as people have lived for thousands of years! The society we should be living in has perfect health. It has righteousness so perfect that Satan has no power. Everything we ask God to do, He does. We see Jesus often. In fact, no one says, “Know ye the Lord, because they all know him.”

No doctors. No lawyers. No police. No government officials. No church hierarchy that stands between us and God. No locks. No slave labor giving us cars, computers, and other toys. No fear in birth or in death.

We cannot magically and instantly become the type of person who can live in that society when the end of this era comes. By then, it is too late. Each of us who wants to be there has to be that person now! Otherwise, we will die with the wicked when that sort of living is ushered in by Christ and his angels. Now!

Change the paradigm and you've changed the person. Change the person and you've changed those around him/her (some may choose to leave because they are uncomfortable around a person with such an unusual and strange perception),

We are so steeped in Babylon that we don't even know that something else exists. And when it comes to our attention, we often reject it because such radical change makes us nervous; it frightens us.

I have seen people who are determined that, in the Millennium of Peace, there will be cars, computers, electricity, airplanes, and all of the other comforts and toys we have today. Who is going to be the slave labor for these things? Why would any of these things be necessary?

I submit that the non-Babylonian way to live is very simple. We get places by walking. If we need to travel a long distance, we go by Light (notice the words that sometimes accompany descriptions of seeing Jesus, Moroni, other angels). If we wear clothing at all, I expect it will be very simple – and easy enough for anyone to make. But, remember, we are supposed to be ultimately entering a garden in Eden state; they wore no clothing, and there is no mention of a house, either.

To our eyes, the ideal way to live may very well look extremely primitive. We might turn away because we refuse to believe in the absence of
fine clothing
fancy shoes
suits and ties
fine buildings
formal schools of learning
formal, organized religion with lots of rules
washing machines
and so forth.

We are so steeped in Babylon that not only do we not have a clue that a better way exists, but if or when we see the other way, we often reject it out-of-hand. When are we going to turn to God with all of our hearts and souls and be willing to give up all we have and believe so that we may enter Zion? For myself, I am attempting to leave Babylon behind. I am actively doing all I can to open up my willingness to give up every Babylonian paradigm that is in me.

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