Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Disabled Vet Needs - A Chance to Serve the Needy

A disabled veteran has had increasing health issues, which means this family needs a handicapped-friendly home. Please visit the site below and, if you feel so inclined, perhaps you can help in some way.

We now have to come up with a new home, get rid of ours and do it quickly so my husband is displaced as short a time as possible. If anyone knows of charities out there or people looking to aid others in need. Both military veterans (he did 21 in the USMC) and LDS. We still have young children at home so stability is also a major factor. For more details and to help please follow below link.

This is their website
Jerry joined the US MARINE Corp 1980, and served valiantly for 21 years, he retired with 40% disability and mild functioning physical issues. Jerry then went on to serve 3 tours overseas as a contractor. Nothing has ever slowed this Gunnery Sergeant down. We have 5 boys , oldest is now a proud Marine as well. Our other are 17 (Autistic) ,16,11,9. In February a medical issue arose that made it impossible for Jerry to continue welding to support our family. He was taken to Houston VA Hospital where he spent 3 weeks. He is now on Kidney Dialysis and in stage 3 failure. We need help. Our home is not large enough for his dialysis machine or a bed to make him comfortable. He is unable to handle steps so getting into our home is nearly impossible without great assistance. He can't bathe himself in our shower because it is too small. The tub would work but he can't get out of it once we get him in. I'm praying for help from strangers, friends, neighbors and anyone to help with our family. We need a disability home. With Jerry's VA we can get a home easily. We have to come up with moving expenses for this unit and get it sold, then getting new unit here and connected and the down payment for the new unit. Please any help with our endeavor would be greatly appreciated. All monies solely used for removal of one unit and getting new unit it place on our land. Please, any amount of help. Jerry gave years to our country, let's have the country help one of our veterans that hasn't given up.
[I corrected some spelling errors, otherwise, the above quote is exact.]

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