Friday, April 17, 2015

My Personal Articles of Belief

(Note: edited post - Written to someone I later found did not receive it. That's okay. Probably for the best, actually.)

I feel I should let you know what I have been doing and where I currently stand.

When President Hinckley did not react to 9/11 by warning us to repent lest we be destroyed, I cried to God, asking Him if He was going to let us (this nation) be destroyed without sending a prophet to warn us that if we did not repent we would be destroyed.

Over time, I forgot about my prayer, but God did not. In 2010, God began bringing a man to my awareness over and over again until I seriously began to pay attention to what he had to say. When I recognized the Lord's voice through this man's words, I talked to God about him. God reminded me of my fervent prayers after 9/11 and He told me, "This man is an answer to your prayers."

God miraculously opened the way for me to attend each of the 10 lectures this man gave over the course of a year (September 2013-September 2014). There seemed to be Light coming from every pore of his skin. I heard much that I recognized as coming from the Lord.

I have been baptized (by one authorized by God) as a witness of my willingness to follow Christ and to sacrifice all things to know Him personally, face to face.

When I can, I partake of the Lord's supper as suggested by the scriptures (bread and wine, kneeling, etc.). I began partaking of the sacrament in that manner near the end of September 2013. I do not believe any institution can give or withhold permission to partake of the Lord's supper, be baptized, or come unto Christ and behold Him in the flesh.

I believe the purpose of the restoration Joseph Smith began was to have a people who could not only withstand the Lord in the flesh, but could comfortably converse with Him and know Him as one knows a dear friend in this life.

I believe the times of the Gentiles (which includes us LDS people) is fulfilled and God is in the process of removing the gospel from us, collectively. We have screwed it up royally and we tell each other how awesome we are and that we will be saved if we give heed to men, even over the scriptures. We call men "prophets" who do not prophesy. We call men "seers" who do not see. We call men "revelators" who do not reveal.

I believe that when the 15 men that LDS Church members uphold as prophets, seers, and revelators could NOT recognize a man that our Lord, Himself, had sent to cry repentance to us, who excommunicated him through lots of "training" with his stake president, they lost the Lord's support and the Lord's willingness to help them run the LDS Church (unless they repent of this great evil). You see, when they cast out the Lord's servant, they -in effect- cast out the Lord, Himself.

I still cannot comprehend how men I thought were so holy and so close to God were so far from Him that not even one of them (in any part of their being, apparently) could recognize the voice of the Lord.

I have been blessed by the help of people who, tired of the LDS Church having no accountability to the people for how they spend tithing - as well as building malls, dedicating worldly businesses, and so forth, have been using their tithing to bless the poor, according to how the Lord directed and directs them.

I count among my many like-minded friends men such as ___ and ___ (both of Mesa, AZ) and ___ (of northern Utah) who have been cast out of the LDS Church for their beliefs. (These men did not influence my thinking. Meeting them was a product of how I was already thinking.)

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