Thursday, August 18, 2011

On Witches, Wizards, and Other Myths

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

John Pontius, I believe it was, mentioned that our stories and myths about witches and wizards could very well be based in truth.

Think about what one does when one reaches the stature of Enoch. One has one’s calling and election made sure, one has seen Christ face to face, and one has been given great power by Him. Search the scriptures for examples, e.g., Ether 12, Moroni 7, and Moses 7. What would this look like? Would one stretch out one's hands while doing this? What would it look like to ones who were not in the Church of the Firstborn? What about the stories handed down through time, by those whose ancestors had this power?

Would one think incantations? Would one think magic? If a person, male or female, had the power by faith to control the elements, what would be the stories handed down about them? What would be the embellishments added? The scriptures never specify that moving mountains, turning rivers out of their course, etc. come by the priesthood that has authority to pass the sacrament, baptize, organize churches, etc. I read only "faith". Both men and women have faith. Instead of authority to administer ordinances, it seems that the scriptures are talking about the power given to priests and priestesses in the temples of God - something a bit different from what we usually think of. In other words, women are not exempt from this power that comes with receiving the second comforter.

I would recommend that you sit down, discarding all preconceived notions (in other words, you have no previous inner commands that this must mean a certain thing). Ask God to open your mind and heart. Then read Alma 12:27 through Alma 13:31. Cross reference it with JST Genesis 14:17-40. JST Hebrews 7:1 & 4. D&C 107:2, 18, 19. D&C 84:21-25. Ether 12. (And you thought temple ordinances were not mentioned in the Book of Mormon. A holy ordinance, so holy that Alma refused to expound on what it is.)

On the other hand, Satan is the great imitator. He brings forth his own "magic" and his own priests and priestesses. I don't know how far he can go. I do know that the magicians in pharaoh's court were not as strong as the power Moses had. Still, they imitated him. It reminds me of "the force" in the Star Wars movies. Good and bad.

Still, I am prone to think that the power to move the elements of the earth come only through the power of God.

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