Saturday, July 30, 2016


LDS remnant
Facebook posts are flowing
Complaints of LDS policies,
estate, and priesthood errors
Book of Mormon preaching,
filtered through Pratt and Hyde
Bible reasoning.
False traditions are dropping
as new ones
from mystical popcorn trees
are popping.

LDS remnant posts all
bitchin' and moanin'
rather than discussing Jesus
And His power atoning.
A seed planted,
with the claim to be watered
We see the roots are drying,
over posts of polygamy
A remnant we claim
of what, indeed?
Have we only managed to escape
The Corporate Greed?
A remnant, a remnant! But what of the fruit? 
Endless division, debate, 
and a name (the Remnant) to boot.
My God.
What have we done?
A remnant ... 
the repetition has begun.
Jaxon Peterson

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