Wednesday, June 7, 2023

That time when God clearly shows you . . .

how vile and how big a sinner you have really been, which thing you had never supposed.

that the Atonement of Jesus Christ really does apply to you, through and through. No exceptions.

that the "voice" in your mind that tells you it's impossible and that the Atonement can't really cover you because you're worthless is a lie.

the reality of your growing up years and that you were actually more "white trash" than you had ever supposed, but you are shown that enlightenment with an incredible amount of compassion - and you finally understand the wounds that made you do the things you did that were not good for yourself or others.

God is grand. God is glorious. I'll take waking up here over waking up after death, and seeing I'm in Hell, any day.


  1. I think we usually grossly underestimate the extent of our sins, and often believe that we are sinning when we just might not be. We seem to have upside-down, backward thinking when it comes to our own sins.

  2. This post is extremely timely to my situation of the last couple of days, and especially the first two statements! Thank you for your witness, and God bless!


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