Saturday, May 30, 2015


Tony wrote:
The problem is that you, Obrien, and so many others apparently think you can now flout the law that has gone forth from Zion. Both the Bible and the Book of Mormon speak extensively about the law going forth from Zion.

A Random Phrase wrote:
No law has come forth from Zion, because there is no Zion on the earth.

Tony wrote:
There are plenty of scriptures that contradict your view. Here are a few of them. [Several scriptures followed.]

A Random Phrase wrote:
The honest-to-God Zion is nowhere to be found. The fake Zion is everywhere. You know, the one Nephi addressed when he said, wo unto them who are at ease in Zion, who say Zion prospereth? That chapter pretty much damns us to destruction and to hell.

But the real Zion, the bona fide Zion, the one that can accept the Lord's presence without people frying and dying ... that one does not exist. There are poor among us. None of us are of one heart and one mind. None of us are truly and honestly the pure in heart. Virtually no one in this fake (or practice) Zion has seen the Lord, let alone everyone. Nowhere is it taught in this faux Zion that no one needs to be taught by any other person because everyone there knows the Lord and HE teaches them.

We accuse those who wear sleeveless shirts, who smoke, who drink, who have tattoos or more than the allotted number of earrings, who are not clean shaven, who do not wear white shirts, who do not bow to the scepter and kiss the golden ring. We have more hedges about our laws than the pharisees and sadducees in Jesus' day.

We have homeless people. We have beggars. We have people starving. We have people who are sick and suffering and there is no man or woman going around healing them. We use weapons, police forces, and governments to defend ourselves. Nature refuses to help us. We have those who fare sumptuously. We have those who sit in chief seats and gobble up the accolades, honor, and idolatry of the masses.

We steal from each other. We cheat each other. We dig a pit for each other in the hopes that the other will fall into it. We lust after each other. We lust for power and wealth. We freak out at the idea of giving so much away that the poor are comfortable and the rich are demoted to comfort from luxury. We judge and condemn the poor, the beggar, the different, those who are less than perfect in our eyes.

We fight. We argue. We get angry at each other. We want revenge. We want to force our views on others. We are jealous and envious. If anyone believes differently than us, we kick them out of our associations. We consider people apostate and headed for hell if they don't give deference to those people we think require deference. In Zion, deference is given only to God.

If Zion, the real one, suddenly appeared in our midst I suspect we would all die of culture shock.

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