Thursday, September 21, 2017

Trusting God vs I Want What I Want

There seems to be a pattern with the Guide (which has gone by more than one name). What I see is that each time God's peace reigns, some few stir up in anger and rebellion, wanting "My - My Ideas! My Document!" Rising up and finding fault. 

First, with Jeff. "Who the hell is Jeff Savage?" someone demanded. 

Oh, that's right, "I've got a name here!" Can't have anyone not famous in the movement have a revelation from God. Got to persecute and accuse him.

So, this humble man offered to let others be part of the process. It was spelled out. Fellowships sent representatives. At least twice, unity was achieved, only to be fought against the next day. Finally, on Aug 5th, a document came that was voted on and accepted by 91% of the people. And, yet, there was still disunity, still the "good idea" of let us "seek but do not find" (the ego's mantra), which is what we are doing.

Now, we are to all come up with our pet rocks . . . er . . . theories and ideas, that which our pride and "Me-ness" approves of.

What happened to God? What happened to humility? What happened to the idea that God can be trusted to correct our mistakes and errors? Why is it that we cannot trust God enough to accept the August document, then request that the Lord's current spokesman present it to the Lord for acceptance, rejection, correction?

Do we mistrust God so much? Do we misunderstand what He has asked of us? Or is it that it had never occurred to us that He can fix anything that might be wrong with the document? Is it really so hard, so painful, so difficult, to give up pride and haughtiness and trust that God can correct the August document if it needs correcting?

I would recommend reading this page. It explains it much better than I can - and it probably sounds less angry, though I am not angry, but passionate. I am passionate because I see, and have seen, my willingness to be persuaded and have a document approved by the Lord slip through my fingers over and over and over again. For the apparent reason that none of us can trust God enough to offer Him an imperfect document which He will correct, if necessary.

The important thing is to agree, not to have our own pet statements published.


  1. awesome. Thank you for bringing it back to Jesus

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Finally someone is speaking my language and expressing my same feelings! Margaret Brough

    2. You are welcome, all of you. I just hope that my posts do not add to the confusion.

  3. I appreciate your thoughts here. I am noticing what may be another pattern. It seems with each new iteration we are getting further and further from an inspired document. The first document I believe was mostly inspired. Parts of the documents that came through the committees were felt to have been inspired (but it seems there was less). Will the next iteration have even less of God's inspiration?

    1. At this point, I tend to agree with you. It will only be acceptable to darkness if it is forever disputed or contains nothing of lasting value.