Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This is an awesome reference. You can download (at no charge and without making a password) several versions of the Bible in one program, including one with Strong's Numbers. I really like it. I have 26 versions of the Bible in mine - some in different languages, including Chinese, (which I don't know how to read, but it's fun to look at). I've had this program for a couple of years. The download button below will take you to the website.

e-Sword Home


  1. Toni

    You have not posted an article for over a week. Some of us hunger for truth.

    Are you going to let us down? j/k.

    Just thought I would stop by and see what you have been working on.


    1. lol

      I'm dealing with some health issues right now. Not serious, but the "cure" is painful. That's my excuse for not thinking up another post anyway. :)

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry. Hope that the "cure" actually helps and that you do not have to undergo treatment for too long a period.

    May God grant you good health and pain-free days ahead.

    God bless!!!


  3. The "treatment" that caused pain is over, but the pain lingers. Thank you for your kind wishes.


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