Monday, October 7, 2019

Didja ever wonder . . .

. . . if Krishna might really be God?

. . . if the God we know as Jesus/Jehovah/Joshua/Yeshua is the exact same person as some of "those" nonChristian Gods?

. . . if maybe we know a millionth of what we think we know?

. . .  if what we "know" to be truth might not be, after all?

. . . if we might be altogether wrong in what we perceive as absolutely God's own truth?

. . . if we might be full of putrid pride and not even have an inkling that we do?

. . . if maybe what we consider to be heinous sin doesn't necessarily match God's list in most respects?

. . . if the records of the Mayans and Aztecs might be spot on?

. . . if the records of ancient people all over the planet might know exactly what they're talking about when they say crazy stuff
. . . like planets were fighting each other in the sky
. . . like the year used to be 360 days long
. . . like the moon's cycle used to be exactly 30 days long
. . . like the sun used to come up in a different direction
. . . like the seasons were completely changed after dramatic upheaval
. . . like there are huge ages of the earth, separated by earth-wide cataclysmic events

. . . if there was a real reason for the ancient fear that the sun might disappear

. . . if we really don't know what we are, whether we have an eternal existence, how our internal (nonbody) self was created, what our eternal end might be (or maybe it really does end at death, and we are reabsorbed into a Great Mind or something similar).

Some people think each of us is a spirit that can split into more than one piece and be on earth as a mortal, while simultaneously being elsewhere (including on earth at the same time as the other part of us).

Some wonder if we are presently living our past, present and future - or if we are presently living on more than one earth (different dimensions) at the same time.

Beliefs can get pretty crazy, can't they?

I confess, I'm one of those who have wondered some of those crazy things - for like 50 years.

What is reality, anyway?

Yeah, what is reality anyway?

[Edit: For some reason, even though I changed nothing in the post, Blogger decided I published this today (Oct 20th). I don't recall when I originally published it, but I think it was after the 4-part posts, so I am randomly assigning it the date of October 7th.] 

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