Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Equinoxes and Christ

 An idea came to me about the spring equinox and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I found a list of equinoxes, but I was hoping to find one that included days of the week. At this moment, I'm not inclined to search for which days the spring equinoxes may have been on a Saturday (supposing Christ died the day before and rose the day after) somewhere between AD 20 and AD 40.

Anyway, this is my theory - in light of the fact that Joseph was born soon after the winter solstice, when the light began to conquer dark, and the fact that God chose a servant whose last name was Snuffer (and whose initials are D.S.) - it seems to me that there must be some symbolism surrounding Jesus' atonement, death and resurrection.

So, our Lord died in the spring. What if he died the day before the equinox, symbolizing the darkness of the world and of devils; was gone during the time all is equal; and rose again the day after, symbolizing the conquering of Light over Darkness?

If I can swing it (get all the supplies together), I intend to celebrate Passover on the day before the spring equinox this year and celebrate the Resurrection the day after the spring equinox (with bread and wine in the early morning). I'm not sure what to do on the day of the actual equinox. And, I also intend to read about Christ's suffering and death from Come, Let Us Adore Him the day before the equinox - and the part about his resurrection the day after the equinox. 

All of this because it is my belief that that is probably when the atonement, death and resurrection happened and that that may be why there are so many ancient monuments that are aligned to the spring equinox (see Graham Hancock's books - The monuments are in Egypt, North America, South America, and other places on the planet).


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