Sunday, December 11, 2011


Cats are not allowed in my room. I’ve been letting Tommy in because his shoulder got hurt and I don't want him outside until it heals. Orion pretty much has the run of the house when he's inside. There are cat fights when Lady or Tommy are around him (I think Orion is usually the instigator). So, to keep Tommy from freaking out while inside, I put him on my bed when he isn't in the travel trailer (we keep him there at night).

Anyway, so I come home from church and go in my room. After several minutes, Orion comes out from under my bed. In a few more minutes, my son brings Tommy to me from the travel trailer, so I put Tommy on my bed.

I've changed my clothes. I've rearranged pillows so I can get on my bed, and I finally notice Lady has been on my bed all along, mostly hidden under a sleeping bag.

Um – This is a cat-free zone?

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