Saturday, December 31, 2011


I find my weaknesses extremely frustrating. For example, I see how competent everyone around me seems to be when it comes to running the rat race. They seem to be able to live in this world with all of its bureaucracies with no problem. I won't go into all of the weaknesses I see that seem to brand me as incompetent in comparison to those around me.

Yesterday, as I went out to feed the chickens, I realized that these weaknesses were given to me by God so that I would reach a point of depending totally on Him – of realizing that I had to depend on Him for everything.

Were I the type of person who could fare well in life by my own efforts, I could have easily put God to the side. Because of my own incompetence, I turn to God and ask Him to do what I cannot do.

As my trust in Him improves, the miracles grow greater.

My studies have shown me that no man should stand between God and myself. Recently, I have been changing from one who searches out the advise and opinions of leaders and authors to one who goes directly to God for information and understanding. And I have learned something from that. I have learned that it feels very good to realize that everything is between God and myself. I have learned that I gain greater knowledge and I understand the scriptures better when I rely upon God for understanding and direction. I have learned that each person can only share information from their own perspective.

My life is unique. I have a unique journey to God. Yes, we all share some basics like needing certain ordinances performed, like needing to be obedient to God; but, in so many ways, we each have a unique road to travel.

My life's experiences, my wounds, my specific sins, my misunderstandings, my personality, and the things I planned to do with this life before I came are – as a whole – unique to me; therefore, no one human can advise me perfectly in all my steps. Only God knows my circumstances wholly and only God knows my needs.

Others may give good advice. The Spirit may tell me to listen to someone else. We are interconnected. We are expected to do what we can to help each other. Most of my posts on this blog are written with the intent to bring some soul to Christ. This blog is my feeble attempt to fulfill the command for "every man who hath been warned to warn his neighbor." Doctrine and Covenants 88:81

If any of my words help and uplift another, it is because the Spirit has been working in both of us. You see, even if we help each other, it still boils down to a walk that is between us and God.

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