Monday, December 12, 2011

Lady Cat

(When I wrote this, I was writing in a notebook.)

We have a cat, Lady, who will come up to people when they're standing and will caress her body around their ankles in the most affectionate way. If they happen to reach down to pet her, she'll usually move away. If a person manages to pet her, instead of raising her back (or back end) into the petting, she'll do an imitation of a sway-back horse and act like she can hardly get away. [You'd swear it was physically painful for her to be touched.] She'll endure face-petting and sometimes even likes it.

This cat is currently sitting on my lap driving me crazy. I let her in the house to eat (it keeps stray cats from eating our cats' food) and decided to let her stay inside a bit [it's a rainy day]. Well, she decided not only my room, but my bed was the place to be.

After I sat down (I do my studies, my computer things, etc on my bed because there is no place better in this particular house) she wandered around the bed and decided my lap was the perfect spot.

So I let her. I petted her. she ate it up. I was petting her on her face and head. When I petted her back, she loved it. When I tried to write (part of my scripture study), she wouldn't let me. She demanded that I continue petting her. Finally I asked her, "Who are you and what have you done with Lady?" She didn't answer, and as of this writing she is still on my lap. 

End of notebook entry.

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